Wind Power

Wind is an ever changing resource. It is created by the sun's ability to heat the planet during the day and the Earth's ability to cool off at night. It is this ever changing temperature that creates the wind. Wind cannot be stored, but it can be harvested. Our challenge is to capture as much energy as possible from this transient resource as it passes by us.

Wind electric is now the fastest growing source of harvested renewable energy in the world. It is also one of the oldest renewable energy technologies. However, the best wind turbine in the world is useless unless it is properly matched to your needs, installed on the correct tower, at the correct height and in the right location. Skylands Renewable Energy can provide unbiased advice, expert design and professional installation. Our 35 years of experience in this field translates into a successful, productive and rewarding installation for you.

Solar Power

Now, more than ever, people are choosing to capitalize on the opportunity that solar power provides. The sun's energy can be harvested to produce electricity (solar photovoltaic's/PV) and to heat water for other utility needs. Modern solar panel technology is far superior to that of even five to ten years ago. However, we must still apply good planning and careful design practices to convert sunlight into electricity and/or hot water. Skylands Renewable Energy can help you, using our experience to simplify the process. A system designed to fit your location and your specific needs is our primary objective.