When you become serious about a renewable energy installation and are "shopping" prices, you would also be well advised to make sure the installer has experience in the field. With the current surge in renewable energy, there are many new "professionals" in the RE field with very limited or little to no experience.

Although this consideration applies to all RE technology, it is especially important for wind turbine installations. These systems are usually heavy, cumbersome and integrate a variety of construction trades from heavy equipment excavation, concrete and steel footings, to properly sized erection cranes, electricians, tower erection and system commissioning specialists. Questions such as how many turbines of this particular model they have installed, as well as how many towers of similar height and style (freestanding, lattice, monopole, etc.) they have erected need to be asked. An additional consideration is whether or not they are NATE certified (National Association of Tower Erectors). Skylands Renewable Energy has the installation expertise and experience to provide you with reliable, turnkey projects.