Data Collection

When considering a large single wind turbine or a large multiple wind turbine installation it is advisable to first qualify the site via a Wind Energy Site Assessment. If this returns a positive outlook, the next step would be to install wind data recording equipment for a minimum of one year.

Due to the costs involved, these larger single and/or multiple turbine installations need an in-depth resource analysis to help determine the financial feasibility of these types of projects. Onsite monitoring is usually necessary to help in this regard.

Multiple levels of wind direction (wind vane), wind speed (anemometer) and temperature instrumentation are typically installed on temporary towers, which are removed after a minimum of 12 months of data collection. The anemometer tower height should be at least as high as the contemplated wind turbine hub height, plus one rotor length, to acquire the actual site data.

Multiple turbine locations also need to be positioned for what is called "wake effect", the downwind turbulence caused by a wind turbine's rotors that may impair another turbine's ability to function well.

Skylands Renewable Energy has relationships with established, professional wind engineering firms to analyze this data and provide reliable project reporting that lending institutions require. Our project management skills and anemometer tower installation experience are both necessary to bring these larger projects to fruition.