Applications and Uses

Commercial, Municipal, School and Farm Systems

These systems can include the residential sized systems and can also range up to multiple systems of many megawatts (MW = 1,000,000 watts) of capacity, depending on the electrical use. Larger electric users need to assess the siting considerations even more closely than residential users. For example, 1MW of solar panels will cover approximately six acres of land, while 1MW of wind electric will cover about a 50 foot diameter circle at the base of the tower. Increase the size of this hypothetical installation to 2.5 MW and you will cover roughly 15 acres with solar panels. With wind electric, a larger generator is installed on top of a slightly larger tower. The covered area remains basically the same.

Using wind electric, a farm can still plant corn, raise livestock, etc. around the base of the tower with no substantive effect to the normal operation of the farm, nor any substantive disturbance to preserved farm land. Municipalities and school boards can cap or reduce annual electric bills, allowing them to adjust their annual expenses and reduce, or at least help prevent, rising property taxes and increasing school board budgets.

Each situation has its own unique set of circumstances. Skylands Renewable Energy can help you determine the best fit for your particular situation.