Site Assessment Procedures

A certified site assessor can help determine whether a home or business property is a good location for a renewable energy system. Skylands Renewable Energy can provide specific information about how renewable energy systems (solar electric, wind electric and solar hot water) can be used at any location to help meet the energy needs at that location.

There are several things required to prepare for a site assessment. In order to fully analyze a site, Mr. Dixon may need to inspect the roof, attic, utility room, garage or basement. Making sure that these areas are accessible will facilitate the process. In addition, information regarding energy use will be necessary. This can usually be obtained from the utility company and/or the utility's bills. Having this information available will assist in accurately evaluating the energy needs for a specific location.

A renewable energy site assessment, conducted by Mr. Dixon, a Certified Assessor, provides an opportunity to talk with an experienced, objective third party about property and lifestyle characteristics, energy use and to learn about a variety of equipment options. Certified Site Assessors do not promote specific manufacturer's equipment, vendors or installers during the site assessment. They provide unbiased information, so that informed and knowledgeable decisions can be made.

A site assessment is also a useful tool when organizations, school boards or municipalities are considering a project. The report can be used to present a summary of information and options to a group of decision makers for their approval, such as a board of directors, a budget committee, or a city's Mayor and Town Council.

A renewable energy site assessment is the first step to determining whether or not a renewable energy system is right for you. You will receive a written report outlining:

  • A basic analysis of energy needs
  • Recommendations for energy efficiency to help lower energy use and reduce the size of the renewable energy system required
  • An evaluation of the renewable energy resources at the site
  • Information on the best place to site the system
  • Recommendations for size and type of renewable energy system to meet the current and/or future energy needs
  • Wind and/or solar system options
  • Estimated output of the renewable energy system, based on the resource analysis
  • A general cost estimate for the system
  • Potential installation barriers
  • Siting, zoning and permitting issues
  • State and Federal grants and rebates
  • The next steps to make the renewable energy system a reality
  • A certified, detailed written report explaining all of the above

A Skylands Renewable Energy site assessment will provide you with an unbiased, comprehensive road map to fulfill your renewable energy goals and reduce your current carbon footprint. Having the right information to make informed decisions is the most critical step in the entire renewable energy process. It is the basis upon which all other further project decisions should be made.

Today's renewable energy technologies are mature, reliable and safe and are the world's sustainable source for our current and future energy needs.