Skylands Renewable Energy, LLC works with individuals, businesses, municipalities, schools, churches and farms to assess, develop, install and maintain renewable energy systems powered by the wind and the sun. We also understand the available public funding options for these projects and have access to private funding options when needed.

Our business model allows us to offer turnkey renewable energy systems, from the assessment and feasibility stages to the installation and commissioning of the system.

We have participated in and presented many workshops and seminars on renewable energy, covering all aspects of wind and solar power development. Our presentations have been delivered to such diverse groups as business owners, farmers, homeowners, government officials and politicians, municipal employees, building professionals, building code inspectors and students. We would welcome an opportunity to work with you.

Vision Statement:

  • To promote the benefits of renewable energy systems, aligning wind and solar technologies to be the accepted and favored energy resources.

Mission Statement:

  • To educate people to the benefits of wind & solar renewable resources.
  • To advise people what renewable systems would best suit their situations.
  • To facilitate the installation of the appropriate energy system for them.